Wilkinson SLM takes your well-being seriously

As a responsible company, Wilkinson SLM Ltd has reviewed all areas of our business to assess what measures we should take to minimise the risk of our clients, staff and any person visiting our office contracting COVID-19.

We are very aware that we must continue to offer a professional service for our home sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants, but we do so in the knowledge that with restrictions on movement and natural concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, there will almost certainly be an impact on our ability to perform as “normal” in some aspects of our service.

If you are concerned about moving home, at Wilkinson SLM we want to reassure you that we are committed to helping people move safely and responsibly.

That means that if you were preparing yourself to buy or sell this year, there is absolutely no reason why we cannot make that happen for you, whilst ensuring the health and well-being of you, our valued clients.

Below we have listed the provisions that we have implemented under Government guidelines to make that happen and keep you safe.


  • We will ask clients to view properties virtually in the first instance and then only physically inspect properties which they have a strong interest in. Clients should be in a position to offer and able to proceed i.e. have secured buyer on their own property or be chain free.
  • Prior to the viewing, we will ask whether any party in the seller or viewer household is showing COVID-19 symptoms or has been asked to self-isolate in the last 14 days before going ahead with any viewing, or visits to our offices.
  • If symptoms develop before the appointment clients must undertake to inform us promptly and cancel the appointment
  • Viewings should last for no more than 15 minutes inside the house
  • No more than 2 viewers may attend an appointment and they must be from the same household. No children may attend the viewing.
  • We cannot drive clients to appointments.
  • We will accompany physical viewings and all parties agree to maintain a minimum of 2 metres distance from others wherever possible and all parties must wear a face-covering in line with government guidance.
  • We ask that there will be no touching of any surfaces during the viewing and avoid all contact with others – no handshaking etc
  • Where we do not accompany the visit, we will make sure that both the viewer and sellers clearly understand how the viewing should be conducted safely.
  • If your property is being viewed, you must open all the internal doors prior to the viewing and allow access to handwashing facilities and ideally separate towels/paper towels.
  • Sellers may wish to vacate the property – stay in the garden or in another room.
  • All parties viewing a property should wash their hands with soap and water (or hand sanitiser if not available) immediately on entering the property and asap after leaving. Separate towels or paper towels should be used if possible and washed or disposed of safely after use.
  • Once the viewing has taken place, the homeowner should ensure surfaces, such as door handles, are cleaned with standard household cleaning products and towels disposed of safely or washed as appropriate.


  • Prior to the valuation, we will ask whether any party in the client household is showing COVID-19 symptoms or has been asked to self-isolate in the last 14 days before going ahead with any visit.
  • If symptoms develop subsequently and prior to the making the appointment either in the client household or that of the valuer the appointment must be cancelled.
  • At the appointment, 2-metre social distancing to be maintained wherever possible and a face covering must be worn at all times in line with Government guidance.
  • No physical contact at any time.
  • The valuer will avoid touching any surfaces so please open all doors in readiness
  • All parties to thoroughly wash hands with soap at the beginning of the appointment and on leaving

Surfaces and door handles to be cleaned by the homeowner following the appointment

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