We are Wilkinson SLM, who are we?

Charlotte, Anthony, Annie and Vicki are the team as well as being a very close family unit. Annie is Charlotte and Anthonys' daughter and Vicki is Charlottes' sister, a real family business.

Charlotte and Anthony have over 40 years of experience in the industry with most of it in the Tewkesbury area. Annie joined when the company opened in February 2021, excelling in all aspects of buying and selling homes. Vicki was a welcome addition in August 2021 and has been a massive help in raising Wilkinson SLM to be one of the most respected and recommended agents in Tewkesbury. Our Aim is to take the publics' perception of Estate Agents, throw it away and start afresh with honesty, enthusiasm, dedication, integrity, transparency and good old family values replacing them.

Now we could go on to tell you about why you should use us, but that is on our other pages. This is about us! The biggest thing the three of us have in common is LOVE & TRUST and we hope that shows through to everyone that has and will meet us. This brings a passion for life and everything that is thrown at us, the good and the bad, we will always pull together.

Talking of passions, Disney! People that know us, know we love anything and everything to do with Disney, as not so subtle nods on our website and in our office show.

To us, Disney, is the pinnacle of service showing love & passion in everything they do. We, obviously on a much smaller scale, will show the same love & passion for our business and in turn to all our clients.

Corny? Probably.

True? Definitely.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”.

Walt Disney

Charlotte Wilkinson

Charlotte Wilkinson

I have three passions in life, my family, my friends and helping people find their forever homes. (Oh and of course, how could I forget the wonderful world that is Disney!!)

Having lived in Tewkesbury all my life I am proud to call this beautiful town my home and I am fortunate to be part of this family community. I have spent more than two decades helping people realise their dreams here, selling, buying or letting their own homes.

I founded Wilkinson SLM with my husband Anthony to do more for the town I love with the people I love. In these uncertain times you need certainty. When to move, where to move to and how much to sell or let your home for, are the questions that you will have right now. You will receive from me honest, transparent and expert advice built upon years of experience and history in this wonderful industry, amazing town and surrounding areas.

I will always have your best interests at heart, and being able to share this opportunity with my husband and daughter is a blessing and I can’t wait to meet you all and welcome you to our family…

Anthony Wilkinson

As the co-founder of Wilkinson SLM, my role specialises in professional valuations, negotiations and property management.

My career began in residential sales in 1993. Back then there were no mobile phones and the internet was in its infancy. I quickly learned that in order to succeed it was critical to establish good relationships built upon three core principles: trust, transparency and integrity. Communication was everything, we had to be creative, agile and more than just an agent, we had to be a trusted advisor.

Today, almost 30 years on, the world has changed dramatically, but my belief in this winning formula has not. The resources we now have at our disposal have improved considerably, but unless we remain true to these three core principles, we will not succeed. I feel the industry has become lazy, far too reliant on quick wins, faceless online valuation tools and chat bots. I want to change this. This business is in my blood. I am passionate about ensuring that you are not just an online number and feel that you are working with someone who is listening to you, is supportive of you and is taking good care of you and your most valuable asset.

Wilkinson SLM was founded because we all firmly believe that the best service you will ever receive will be from an independent locally owned family business. I am part of a wonderful team – my family. We have all lived in this area for all of our lives and have decades of local industry knowledge to share with you. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully becoming your new trusted advisor.

Anthony Wilkinson
Annie Hodges

Annie Hodges

Having been born into a family of estate agents, Monopoly was a regular and fierce household battle in my early years. Every game was competitive, and I had a real sense of achievement following every property that I bought. So, it was inevitable that I would develop a passion for this wonderful industry! It is a job that suits my bubbly personality well and the opportunity to work alongside my family in this new venture is now a dream come true.

I will be one of the first people that you speak to when you call and probably one of the last you speak to wishing you luck, when you eventually move into your new home. My role specialises in ensuring that your transaction proceeds quickly, from instruction right the way through to completion and I will not rest until you are happy. I also work with potential buyers and tenants to make sure viewings are arranged and completed and that everyone has all of the information and advice that they need, every step of the way.

My early career was spent working for a multinational services company. This experience was invaluable in helping me understand what is required to make a business successful. For me, this is about working in a talented team, with a collective purpose, and a relentless focus on providing exceptional customer service. Our purpose is to make you feel part of our family and our success will only come as a result of your success, so it is imperative that I ensure your experience with us is a positive one. There are no get out of jail free cards here at Wilkinson SLM, I will make sure that we don’t need them!

Vicki Bray

Life can be full of surprises. For me, working here as a property consultant alongside my sister and her family has definitely been one of those – but it’s been a good one! Joining a growing business is exciting. Since Wilkinson SLM opened, the success has been amazing, so it was an easy decision to join when Charlotte called me in.

Incredibly, that was back in August 2021 and since then I haven’t looked back.

I am naturally curious and patient person. Having worked for most of my life in children’s education, you develop a sixth sense for understanding their individual needs. I have found this to be an incredibly important role. I love to listen and understand what you are looking for when you pop in, or ring, and then make sure that you get what you need from us. If you are looking to sell your home, I want you to know how we can get the best result for you. If you are looking to buy your new dream home, understanding what this looks like quickly becomes my passion and priority.

I’ve met so many lovely people on this journey and will always be ready to put the kettle on if you have any questions, or just want to chat. It’s amazing what you find out about people over a cup of coffee, or tea, and a biscuit! So, pop in and see me and let’s get going on helping you find your dream move!

Vicki Bray
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